Welcome to the Safic.net Chat service

to use this service you must be registered
any issues please contact admin
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to setup using Android
install Conversations Conversations on Play store
or download the free version here Conversations 143
open Conversations
type in your username @chat.safic.net
type your password
add a avatar or skip
you are now ready to use the chat server

to setup using Spark IM on Windows, Mac or Linux
Download Spark for Windows
Download Spark for Mac
Download Spark for Linux
install Spark
open Spark
type in you username
type in your password
type chat.safic.net in Server
click Login
you are now ready to use chat

to setup Jitsi on Windows, Mac and Linux for text, voice and video chat
Download Jitsi for Windows
Download Jitsi for Mac
Jitsi for Linux should be availble in your distribution repository
install Jitsi
open jitsi
add XMPP account
type your username @chat.safic.net
type in your password
for voice and video to work go to
tools - options - click your account - click edit -
click ICE tab - use the following config